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Jan 09 2012

THIS is what I aspire to. THIS is what is possible.

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  1. Candus Muir

    I love the inquiry piece. I worry about the safety. I teach 7th grade science, and we follow the international science fair rules for microbial projects. When growing mold, the lab must have a BSL category. Students were exposed to mold and fungus. How does this follow under safety guidelines in science?

  2. C. Muir

    Inquiry is great! Science safety? You need to research safety in labs prior to doing any investigations. Many sources are available. This activity violates numerous safety standards.

    • debryc

      How would you recommend doing this activity while observing safety standards? I’d put this at a BSL1.

  3. C. Muir

    BSL1 until the mold starts to grow. For BSL1, you would then need to throw the items away when the mold starts. Because the activity progresses to weeks, you are endangering students and staff with allergies/asthma. I do not know of a way to remedy your situation, other than the lab is over at the first signs of mold. A closed container wouldn’t work because of the gas accumlated.

    • debryc

      Thanks for flagging this concern! I’ll do some more digging.

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