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Nov 13 2011

What Do You Think About This Idea?

I want to create a series of posts on my blog called Teacher Tip Tuesdays (twitter hashtag #teachertiptuesdays).

The vision is for teachers to be able to search #teachertiptuesdays and a keyword of their choice like (organize papers) and then have a plethora of how to posts to choose from.

Any teacher can also join in on the fun to post their own Teacher Tip Tuesdays.

Guidelines for good posts include:
- Answers a very specific question (Not, “How do I get my students to behave?” but rather, “How do I make sure my students don’t begin moving until AFTER I’ve finished giving directions?”
- Immediately actionable (For example, if my advice is to buy a certain book and read it, I’ll include the link.)
- Invites feedback and conversation

The reason I think this would be valuable would be because it helps educators to self-reflect on what they’ve learned through their teaching and because I have yet to find a single go-to place for all my teaching questions. Instead, the resources are rather scattered.

What do you think about this idea?

5 Responses

  1. Hawke

    There are some communities out there that are doing something similar; though I think it’s definitely worth pursuing this project, it’s tough if you don’t have a pretty substantial following. I currently use Google Reader as my search engine for this type of thing, only because I’ve filled my blogroll with a lot of people whose thoughts I can’t wait to hear.

    • debryc

      I have a ton of blogs on Google Reader, too! I’ll continue thinking about it…

  2. April

    I think it’s a great idea!

  3. Ms. Math

    Could you do this in the content community on TFAnet for your subject? There is already a community leader with resources and willing to answer questions and help start discussions.

    • debryc

      I’d rather have Teacher Tip Tuesdays be on a public, open to everyone, blog, because some of my best PD has come from educators that are outside of the TFA fold.

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