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Sep 14 2011

Teaching My Students to Be Teachers

I’m having so much fun. I just spent about an hour and a half teaching some of the top students in my class how to do a demo about states of matter changes so that they can demo it with their classmates.

Tomorrow they’re going to practice the demo in my room so that they’re super prepared. And then they’re going to practice again on Friday so they’re doubly super prepared.

It’s like I’m pretty much having a dry run of my lesson plan to find any of the misunderstandings… then pushing the top students to truly, deeply understand the content, then giving them opportunities to practice skills of presentation, thinking on their feet, and professional explaining, then giving my whole class small group instruction opportunities because it’ll be one student teacher to every ten students. It’s fantastic.

During the day they actually teach the lesson, I’ll simply be rotating through the groups to give feedback to the student teachers who need it, and whispering in the ear of students who are having a harder time understanding. Amazing!

By the end of the year I’ll have trained a cadre of student teachers who will be masters at setting AIMS, breaking down standards, planning lessons, and checking for student misunderstanding. I can’t wait.

3 Responses

  1. Kat

    Deborah, that’s AMAZING! I want to see you at work someday. Everything about this idea is perfect: good teachers should produce good teachers, not just good test scores. I love, love, LOVE it.

  2. CJK

    I think this is a brilliant and empowering strategy. It also will get students to reflect differently on the behavior of their peers in ways that will be interesting and informative, especially if you can get them to share what they see/learn with you..

  3. Kurt (Community Manager)

    Congratulations! Your post has been featured on the Teach For Us homepage.

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