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May 29 2011

Small Update

84% of my students passed the 5th grade science TAKS, 37% scored commended. Overall, we closed the achievement gap by 44% when compared to the average TAKS scores of non-disadvantaged students.

Quick Thoughts:

  • I am SO proud of my students. They worked their butts off.
  • Non-disadvantaged students are scoring, on average, 93% or higher on the fifth grade science TAKS test. This tells me that 1) The students are hitting a ceiling on the test, what they can do in science is far and beyond what they are tested on and 2) non-disadvantaged students are doing NO test prep, their science instruction is rich enough to ensure that this test of basic knowledge is just that, basic.
  • Our big goal for next year: 100% passing, 50% commended, my students can do it. And, this is just the beginning!
  • Next year’s science class will be ALL about inquiry, learning the way scientists learn, through “enlightened trial and error” (aka the Scientific Method), incredible differentiation, and student ownership, communication, and collaboration. The TAKS test will be a minimum bar for them as well, and preparation for it will come through remediation throughout the year, not through a whole month devoted to test prep like this year.
  • Am I excited? Oh yeah.

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  1. Catharine

    Congrats, Deborah! You and your students are truly an inspiration.

    • debryc

      Thanks, Catharine. (=

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