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My Inbox will be completely cleared by the end of the day. I WILL not use my Inbox as my to do list. If an email requires less than two minutes to deal with, then I’ll take care of it then and there. If an email takes longer than two minutes to deal with, then I’ll create a to do item with the information I need to complete it later at a more opportune time.
I will aggressively filter all emails so that I see only the important emails. If I miss some once in a while, that’s all right. If it were truly important that person would find a way to contact me, and if I mess up sometimes because a message goes into my bulk mail folder, it’s a cost I’m willing to pay for preserving my attention.
I will not check my work email Friday to Saturday night.…

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TFAers, listen up. If you could download only one iPhone app, ever again, make it this one. Dash4Teachers is available in the App Store for $4.99. It is literally the most indispensable iPhone app that I’ve used as a teacher, and I love it so much that I’m going to spend a whole post convincing…

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For our last Teach for America All Corps Event as a TFA Houston 2010 corps member, we donned gloves and bug spray and black plastic trash bags to go pick up trash in the neighborhood surrounding Jones High School. Our group of teachers, four hundred strong, fanned out along the streets to pick up trash.…

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One of the most surprising conclusions I’ve come to as a new teacher is that new teachers should not be in the business of creating curriculum. We should not be creating or even searching for unit plans, tests, power points, labs, worksheets, guided notes, or activities day in and day out. Why? One, we suck…

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Mar 31 2012

What would your school do?

I’m coughing up phlegm and my nose is a chapped cherry red from constantly rubbing against tissues. Our history and math teachers are both out on family emergencies. One of them can’t make it back for another week. That leaves one grade level teacher for the 7 hours we have our kids every single day.…

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I interviewed at KIPP NYC’s three elementary schools this weekend! My day began with a demo lesson for 1st grade science at KIPP Infinity, then proceeded into a whirlwind tour of the three schools where I interviewed with the teachers and school leader of each school. A staple of any school interview is a debrief…

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Nov 13 2011

What Do You Think About This Idea?

I want to create a series of posts on my blog called Teacher Tip Tuesdays (twitter hashtag #teachertiptuesdays). The vision is for teachers to be able to search #teachertiptuesdays and a keyword of their choice like (organize papers) and then have a plethora of how to posts to choose from. Any teacher can also join…

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Nov 12 2011

My Commitment for the School Year

Commitment is as much a mindset as it is a set of actions. So, this year, I am committing. I am committing to 100%. I commit to 100% of my students being 100% engaged, 100% of the time. This means that if I or another student am talking, all eyes are on the speaker, all…

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Right now I’m struggling with two things. One is pacing. The second is data. On the first challenge, my lessons are taking twice as long as I plan them to take. I think the next step is to sit down with someone, go through a lesson plan together, and then have them observe to see…

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